Social Impact Accelerator

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Proven methodologies, skills training, and ecosystem development  to scale and sustain community impact

Social Entrepreneurs
Benefit Corporations

Together we will uncover innovative and disruptive ideas, backed by sustainable business models, that can power impact on a local and global scale. Learn the proven methodologies and skill sets you need to continue to innovate and drive your organization and the sector forward. 

Human Centered Design

We need disruptive ideas that solve real human problems and lead to massive impact. Human Centered Design methodology has been doing just that for decades. and doing so on a global scale. This methodology will lead to innovative ideas that work and are sustainable. 

Business Modeling

Practicing lean methodology and utilizing tools like the social business model canvas leads to business models that are sustainable and are able to match the scale needed for system level impact. 


You will have access to mentors and coaches to help you along the way. Coaches not only work with your business design and modeling, they also cover key areas such as branding, marketing, finance, and measuring social impact. 

Six Month Cohort

Impact at scale does not happen overnight. It also does not happen in a bubble.  We allow enough time for ideas to develop and to actually begin to implement them. We then infuse this with meaningful connections and intentional networking opportunities to increase your chances of success.

Skills Training

Not only do we accelerate impact projects, we are training and delivering crucial skills, methodologies, and connections to your whole team. They then take these skills to continue to innovate and drive growth within your organization and across the entire social impact ecosystem. This will amplify our impact exponentially. 

"One HUGE benefit of this six month engagement is the opportunity to learn from, and be coached and mentored by Chris Menden with Greenbush Strategy Partners.  During a challenging time of organizational disruption, change and reinvention for Sustain Dane, the knowledge, tools, insights and cheer-leading  Chris provided us has been invaluable.  He has displayed professionalism, curiosity, respect, and just the right amount of nudging to keep us moving forward. 

Karen Crossley, Sustain Dane

How does it work?

We provide small group-sessions with personalized assessment, planning, and scripting

your specific action plan.

  1. Human Centered Design identifies innovative and disruptive solutions, along with a  sustainable business model.

  2. Bi-weekly coaching to build and implement your new initiative

  3. Capstone "Pitch Night" to  funders, investors, and community leaders that can help move your project forward. 

We need an active and robust ecosystem for social impact. These systems exist for business and traditional entrepreneurs. The concept of using business as a force for good is well established on the coasts and overseas. We need to build that same ecosystem here to support our audacious impact goals. Level up MKE connects you to leaders, technical experts, and mentors. Here are a few of our program partners: 

Our Program Partners

The Commons are experts in Human Centered Design, entrepreneurship, innovation, and divergent thinking. Leveraging their expertise and network will take your impact to the next level. The commons team will host workshops and mentorship on Human Centered Design and Business modeling. 

Deanna Singh is recognized as a leading authority in building innovative opportunities within underserved communities.  As Chief Change Agent and Founder of Flying Elephant, Deanna is a highly respected thought leader, who has spent almost 20 years researching, designing and building asset-based solutions to complex social challenges.  Today she travels the world inspiring and educating audiences. Deanna will help the cohort work through their purpose and better prepare you to be leaders in the space. 

JP Strategies is a communications consulting firm that partners with you to
create clear, concise and powerful work. Founder and CEO Jenny Price helps you
reach your audiences and goals by finding the right approach for telling your

"Being an entrepreneur or social innovator is exciting. Understanding your numbers and costs is hard and boring . Chris made it exciting, interesting and informative. He uses our language to challenge us. Great experience."

Carmella Glenn, Just Bakery

Scholarship Spot

  • Become participant in our six month accelerator underwritten by our sponsors and partners.

  • Competitive application process.

  • Up to 8 scholarship  participants accepted ;- minimum of 3.

  • Application period 7/1/2019 -7/31/2019.

  • Express interest  anytime prior to application period and we will keep you in the loop.


Guaranteed Spot

  • Secure your spot  in our six month accelerator with only  a $1500 initial payment.

  • Bypass the competitive application process.

  • As long as you meet the criteria you're in!

  • Many organizations seek grants or sponsorships to these costs. 


If you want to attend, but need a sponsorship to participate fill out our application.
We interview the top 20 sponsorship requests and notify those who will be offered a spot

Still not sure? Contact us with your questions. 

“Being a cohort member of Starting Block’s Social Impact Initiative and working with Greenbush Strategy Partners is adding tremendous value to Sustain Dane’s year of transformation. They are challenging us in fun and constructive way to think beyond the traditional nonprofit grant seeking mindset. We are not even done with the program, and we are seeing results beyond our wildest dreams!”

Jessie Lerner, Sustain Dane


We're looking for disruptive, innovative, won't-take-no-for-an answer folks. People committed to social impact and aren't afraid to think differently, work collaboratively, and contribute to the system in a meaningful way. 

  • Can be non-profit, for-profit, or benefit corporation

  • Must be a functioning enterprise (can be pre or post incorporation however)

  • Must be either:

    • an "early stage" social venture. You could be pre-revenue, or in first couple years of growth.

    • an established organization or non-profit that is looking to create a new division, product, or service to help create sustainable revenue

    • non-profit that is looking to utilize a social enterprise model, or become a benefit corporation

  • Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Address one of the Sustainable Development Goals that exist in Wisconsin (that may also exist elsewhere). i.e a defined social impact goal?