"The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit."  Milton Freidman

We deliver a wide range of capabilities to help for-profit and non-profit businesses achieve greater efficiency, scale, and ultimately social impact.


Some of the Who, What and How...

     •Capabilities: Capacity building, marketing & sales, operational efficiency, fundraising

                             business model development, strategy, board training, facilitation, and others

     •Focus: Sustainability, efficiency, greater capacity, SROI & ROI, business principles

     •Utilize Greenbush Network of professionals

     •Flexible fees:  Tailored to meet client... reduced/eliminate upfront costs, performance-based fee,

                                 profit share or an equity position, per project fee, hourly fee
     •Grants may be available to help fund this work

GSP was founded on the awareness that there exist businesses which are underserved by traditional consulting firms and have a tremendous amount of growth potential going unrealized. We create access to experienced, forward-thinking talent who enable strategic assessment and first-class execution to meet our client’s needs.


Our engagements focus on the long-term value creation of our client’s products and/or services.  These sustainable partnerships foster relationships, initiate opportunities and drive results that are transformational for our clients and GSP.



"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."  Albert Einstein

Creating value is at the core of any GSP engagement. We ensure a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and perform an objective assessment of the expected value creation ahead of moving forward with any initiatives. It is common for the businesses we work with to have a vague sense for the quantifiable value that a new product, additional market segment or an enhanced service could contribute to their business’s bottom line. GSP engages the client to better understand this value creation, develop financial metrics and measurable outcomes that clarify success for our initiatives.


Our differentiator is that we have a results-based fee model that links the value created from our engagement to the fees paid by our clients. The GSP process has a discovery phase that defines expectations, which then initiates analysis, strategy development and implementation that is tracked back to the initial expectations.  GSP is a sustainable partner for our clients and we look forward to working with you!



"He who moves not forward, goes backward."  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our accelerator program connects mentors, advisors, and social leaders to your venture with the goal to bulletproof your business model and ultimately seek funding for long-term viability.


Similar to for-profit accelerators but for those seeking a social return.

     •3 Month Bootcamp: business modeling, strategy, testing, refine, prep for funding

     •3 Months of customized consulting/mentorship

     •Quarterly one-on-one support meetings for 24 months

     •Secure funding from foundations and/or investors

     •Define projects to solve specific community/social issues

     •Generate/facilitate platform idea generation for specific social issues

            ...pitch events, community conversations, community leader feedback forums


We will work together with you to determine your strategy and accelerate your growth trajectory. Believe it or not, that’s the easy part. There is no shortage of great ideas. These ideas are meaningless until executed upon. And even when executed upon, it is your response to challenges and the pivots you make along the way that will lead to your success.  That is why we stick around for the challenges and work through them with you.


Designed for entrepreneurs and organizations to receive the resources they need to grow their solutions to social issues.


Our first cohort will launch in 2018.