Creating value is at the core of any Greenbush engagement. We ensure a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and perform an objective assessment of the expected value creation ahead of moving forward with any initiatives.


Some of the who, what, and how...

•Work with both for-profit and non-profit (focused on social mission)

•Flexible fees based on unique client needs. Examples are; no up-front fee, performance-based fee, profit share or equity position, per project fee, hourly fee

•Wide-ranging expertise: capacity building, marketing & sales, operational efficiency, fundraising, business model development, strategy, board training, facilitation

•Focus on sustainability, efficiency, greater capacity, SROI & ROI, business principles

•Co-founders consult with clients in their area of expertise

•Utilize Sub-contractors through the Greenbush Network to handle capacity constraints initially

•Grants are available to help fund this work

•Second phase – consult with corporation on social responsibility and foundation operations



Greenbush was founded on the idea of being a consulting firm for businesses and non-profits who are traditionally under-served.

These companies often present a tremendous amount of growth potential which goes unrealized.

Our engagements focus on the long-term transformation and value creation of our client’s products and/or services.