Our Story

We are changing the conversation. For too long the consulting industry has had the same conversation and the same business model. That model does not work for everyone, especially start-ups, small businesses and non-profits. These organizations have unique needs and often cannot afford to pay high upfront fees with no guarantee of results. If you are looking for a different conversation…Let’s talk!


GSP is a unique alternative to traditional consulting. With GSP there is no guessing if you have made a wise investment to partner with us. We are compensated solely based on the success and outcomes we deliver to you. This model creates true alignment to your goals and increases the probability of success. 


We provide access to a team of business partners to work with your organization. This team meets with all key members of our your team.  Our discussions and process involve a team approach between GSP and the client team. This level of engagement allows for transparency of our process and tools, collaboration through analysis and strategy development, and ultimately defining innovative solutions to meet the client goals.