Don’t Follow Your Dream… Drive it!

It comes as no surprise to many people to have heard “Follow Your Dreams.” But to what end?

I recall the many dreams that I had of being a great a computer scientist, drummer, violinist, balladeer, Olympic hurdler, and having 5 children. No ponies in this dream.

And guess what, with the exception of the 5 children (go figure), my parents actively encourage me to follow my dreams.

Yep, I joined a singing group (our John Wayne shirts were the bomb), owned a 5-piece pearl blue drum set (though I started with a Folgers coffee can), a beautiful wood-grain ¾ violin (thanks Terry for trying to teach me), Asics and Nike footwear, and a cool TRS-80 (turtle programming rocks).

They spent their hard earned money and time to buy me the right tools for the dream and training to help me follow my dreams.

So why am I not a high-pitch singing, violinist, beating my own drums, while racing to my next greatest scientific break-through?

Key reasons/excuses for not fully realizing my dream:

  • Circumstances (torn meniscus, ACL, and ruptured Achilles)

  • Talent (lacked the star quality, stage presence, and sound booth to hide the fact I could not carry a note or a beat)

  • Fortitude (became bored of the drums and violin, hmm maybe piano)

  • Life (married, with 3 children, and bills, bills, bills)

But as I expose truth, my journey was hampered by a Lack of Purposed Planning and Sustained Drive! Those two reasons are why so many of our lives ambitions fall short and why so many businesses NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY or simply FADE INTO DARKNESS.

Well this blog is not going to be a quick self-help guide, but rather a simple message to acknowledge those social entrepreneurs and non-profits who do have a Purposed Plan and continue executing on those dreams, in spite of challenges. Keep up the fight and embrace the pivot.

That’s right, the pivot is a final key factor to staying relevant and driving your dream. Staying fresh is a challenge. Watch your sales, customer acquisition/retention, and listen to your community and customers. Align yourself with like-inspired persons, businesses, and forums to challenge your thinking. Be a leader who follows great advice and embraces changing direction as needed.

Although my journey was hampered...

The journey continues but with intentional planning, drive, and hope of what is to come with Greenbush Strategy Partners and the many clients we represent. This hope is reflected in our company mission of bringing about social change through helping for-profit and not-for-profit businesses thrive.

I believe in our approach and knowledge, but more so in our passion.

Call or email anyone of our company leaders to hear their story.

Stay tuned to hear more about the planning, driving, and the pivot.

P.S. My Wife, mom, and dad, if you are reading this, THANK YOU for all the great support.  I am now planning and driving to make long-lasting impacts on the community.  I Love You!