"Philanthropy without scale and sustainability is like any other bad business that will simply wither and die on the vine."  Naveen Jain

Whether you have a defined project in mind or an overall strategy to increase capacity, GSP can help.


Once we complete a discovery process defining your desired outcomes, goals and scope we will assemble a team of partners to work with key members of your team. This team will consist of experienced, forward-thinking, best in class individuals from within and outside of the non-profit industry. We do this because we value perspective and demand that we always challenge each other’s thoughts and “best practices.” This process allows for transparent discussions where we learn from each other... resulting in better outcomes. 


Donors demand effective allocation of capital with the greatest impact.

We understand that every dollar counts.  This is why we have designed our fee model with you in mind. We offer flexible fee arrangements, some based solely on the results we achieve together. This provides certainty that you will receive a commensurate level of value for the fee you pay. This model also creates true alignment to your goals and increases the probability of success.


Non-profit with revenue mainly from earned income and government looking to develop their overall fundraising platform. A diversified revenue stream would ensure the availability of their programs into the future. Services included:Full development program strategy including financial projections, competitor analysis, staffing and resource requirements, marketing strategy and fundraising strategy.


Non-profit looking to amplify their message and create engagement with key customer segments through social media. They have a great story it just needed to be told to more people. Greenbush developed a complete social media strategy including content production process, social media calendar, goal tracking, focus groups, persona development, and key messaging. To track and convert prospects we performed a CRM database analysis and established new CRM based on current marketing strategy.


Non-profit in the growth stage with many opportunities to serve the community. It was clear they needed a strategy to keep the focus on priorities that would lead to greatest success and sustainability of their programs. Greenbush started with business modeling to identify core capabilities but also included the facilitation of key groups and communication efforts across the organization. This led to a strategy mapping exercise that developed three key priorities including successful strategies for each helping identify key activities for the next year.  


Non-profit looking to add additional revenue sources to support their mission-critical programming. One missing source was foundations. Greenbush developed a plan to secure public and private foundation resources. This included a grant request template, messaging, and comprehensive prospect list of potential foundation partners. We are now being contracted to implement this strategy by creating relationships with each foundation and applying for grants . 




“Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  Walt Disney

Your business confronts ever-changing risks and opportunities. The development of strategy and implementation plans to mitigate these risks and take advantage of the opportunities is critical to the growth of your business.


The path to growth may be through business development and marketing. The path may be through your operations or the efficiency of your processes to bring your products and services to customers. All of these activities impact your profitability. GSP is positioned to work with your team to define a strategy and enhance your profitability.


GSP provides access to enterprise level talent that can help accelerate your growth trajectory. We will assemble a team to fit any functional area of expertise you need and work side by side to find a strategy right for you. We don’t simply provide ideas, we get our hands dirty. We hustle right along with you. We do what is needed for success. Our business model holds us accountable to this promise because we are aligned to the same goals.

With Greenbush  Strategy Partners there is no guessing if you have made a wise investment to partner with us. We offer flexible fee arrangements based on the success and outcomes we deliver to you. This model creates true alignment to your goals and increases the probability of success. We work to take the high upfront fees off the table so we can just get to work and start proving our value from day one.




A small start-up in "freelance" mode had dreams to grow and scale. Greenbush created a marketing strategy  including social media, designed to identify and attract customers. This business has a premium placed on referral and relationship selling so the marketing plan had to reflect the heavy "business development" aspect of marketing. We got our hands dirty, utilizing our personal network we introduced this business to one of their first new clients. This type of planning provides a clear road map to drive activities increasing your chances of success. 


Greenbush worked with a start-up to develop the initial business model and market strategy. This included a full financial analysis and projections, clarifying value proposition, identifying risks, customer analysis, and process mapping. Once the model was put into action Greenbush stuck around to attack any challenges that arose and continue to make progress toward a sustainable business model. Most businesses fail because the business model does not align with the current customer needs. This type of planning and activity gave this business a greater chance at success. 


Our client company was concerned about their financial position and had key questions that needed to be answered. This business is heavily commission based, therefore it was important to determine what level of commissions would both incentivize employees and provide enough margin to foster business growth. Greenbush calculated a complete revenue and expense projection including commission rates, marketing expense, margin analysis, and overhead expenses. This culminated in a comprehensive calculator the business owner could use to plug in scenarios to help with decision making. This gave the business owner peace of mind that the decisions he was making would leave his company on solid financial footing.