Client Results Based Fees - Our fee model recognizes two very important principles:

Principle #1 - Price and value are positively correlated – Businesses are willing to pay more for something they believe to have greater value (ROI).

We don’t think it’s fair to charge someone high hourly fees for a project that is not successful in bringing value to the client. This is why we are compensated solely based on the value of the outcomes we achieve with our client partners. When you win then we win!

Principle #2 - Your probability of success is significantly increased when activities are correctly aligned to goals and supported by powerful incentives.

Each of our engagements starts out with clearly defined outcomes or goals aligning both our teams to the same target. Linking our fee to these goals provides a powerful incentive for a successful outcome.

With our “Strategic Engagement Pricing” GSP and the client are working together to meet the challenges or take advantage of opportunities for our client’s business. Fees would tie back to a value metric that ensures results.  GSP is highly incentivized to clearly identify target outcomes of an engagement, as well as collaborate until the targets are realized. This is a true win-win.

With our “Project Based Pricing” GSP and the client are working together in an engagement with a defined scope. This might be a non-profit that is looking to increase revenue through a new fundraising initiative. We would define the expected outcome as well as several benchmarks each with a commensurate fee. As we measure the ongoing success of the project the fee would be adjusted as necessary to reflect the level of success.