Social Impact Accelerator

Sponsorship & Funding Opportunities

Social Impact Acelerator Sponsorship

Creating a Healthy Social Enterprise Ecosystem

Creating more Social Enterprise and B-corps lead to:

  • Sustainable revenue models

  • Effective leveraging of resources

  • Disruptive solutions

  • Creating and retaining talent 

  • Diverse and inclusive talent

  • Economic development

To accomplish this we need

  • Increased funding - including seed and early stage

  • Increased support, training, and resources

  • Deep and skilled talent pool

  • Accepting culture - entrepreneurial, innovative, supportive

We are seeking foundation and corporate partners to help fund and support this initiative. 


Accomplish your community goals. 


Access to cohort members and next generation of talent. 


Receive positive and engaging visibility for your organization.


Employees engaged in meaningful projects increases satisfaction. 


Get involved on a design team to learn methodologies and build relationships. 


Be a part of a movement to better our community for generations.