"The only thing worse than starting something and not starting something.""

Seth Godin

As a start-up cash is tight.   You are working tirelessly to find your business model and achieve scale. You have to take on many roles even ones that are not in your skillset. You would love to hire top talent, or at the very least hire consultants to get you through, but both options are expensive and carry too much risk until you are more established.


GSP provides access to enterprise level talent that can help accelerate your growth trajectory. We will assemble a team to fit any functional area of expertise you need and work side by side to find a strategy right for you. We don’t simply provide ideas, we get our hands dirty. We hustle right along with you. We do what is needed for success. Our business model holds us accountable to this promise because we are aligned to the same goals.


With GSP there is no guessing if you have made a wise investment to partner with us. We are compensated solely based on the success and outcomes we deliver to you. This model creates true alignment to your goals and increases the probability of success.  We take the high upfront fees off the table so we can just get to work and start proving our value from day one.


“Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney

Your business confronts ever-changing risks and opportunities.  The development of strategy and implementation plans to mitigate these risks and take advantage of the opportunities is critical to the growth of your business.


The path to growth may be through business development and marketing. The path may be through your operations or the efficiency of your processes to bring your products and services to customers. All of activities impact your profitability. GSP is positioned to work with your team to define a strategy and enhance your profitability.


Philanthropy without scale and sustainability is like any other bad business that will simply wither and die on the vine."

Naveen Jain

Whether you have a defined project in mind, or an overall strategy to increase capacity, GSP can help. We understand that every dollar counts. Donors demand that you allocate capital effectively for the greatest impact. This is why we have designed our fee model with you in mind. We are compensated based solely on the results we achieve together. This provides certainty that you will receive a commensurate level of value for the fee you pay. This model also creates true alignment to your goals and increases the probability of success.


Once we complete a discovery process defining desired outcomes, goals and scope we will assemble a team of partners to work with key members of your team. This team will consist of experienced, forward thinking, best in class individuals from within and outside of the non-profit industry. We do this because we value perspective and demand that we always challenge each other’s thoughts and “best practices.” This process allows for transparent discussions where we learn from each other which results in better outcomes.