Foodie and beer enthusiast with deep seeded passion for community and bringing people  together.
Chris Menden


Welcomes the challenge of traditional and non-traditional sports and delivers a similar pursuit to business and social impact.
William Nunn

Senior Contractor, Greenbush Network

Avid cyclist who embraces problem-solving and is driven to bring social awareness and awakening.
Erik Kimble

Vice-President, Community Relations

Workout fanatic who is a purveyor of pragmatic solutioning of processes, people, and products..
Greg Puleo

Vice President, Business Insights

Energetic movie-goer with genuine curiosity and endless persistence. Enjoys good conversations and being a connector. 
Katie Sparks
Partner, Greenbush Consulting Network
Optimistic golfer and lover of the outdoors on an eternal quest of helping others.
Jedd Lapid

Partner, Greenbush Consulting Network