OUR Mission is to accelerate and scale ventures focusing on a double bottom line of return on investment and social return on investment by providing the resources they need in order to scale and thrive.


OUR Success will be measured by the dozens of new companies, projects, and social ventures seeing the light of day. We will attract capital and resources to these to create large social impact. In GSP’s 10 year horizon, we will have played an integral leading role of accelerating and instigating change on a societal level.


OUR Leaders' core values of Family, Accountability, Community, Enjoyment, Learning, Integrity, Forward-thinking, and Teamwork are transforming the landscape of consulting to enable greater success to our clients.



We believe...

  • in a double bottom line of Financial and Social Returns.

  • you need a diverse system of entities to address social challenges; government, business, non-profits, foundations & investors, and especially social enterprise.

  • non-profits who utilize business principles and infuse sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation into their business model will create greater capacity.

  • social entrepreneurs and start-ups are key to impacting systemic social change. They bring new ideas and innovation to the marketplace. They create the most jobs and can better achieve scale to match challenges.



Based on these beliefs when we increase...

  •  the number of and success rate of social entrepreneurs and start-ups    

  •  the capacity of the non-profit sector

We will create a profound impact on systemic social change. We will accomplish this by providing both capital and expertise to accelerate social projects and as a voice to instigate change.