"The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit."  Milton Freidman


Decreasing Costs

Our team of experts provides a variety of capabilities to identify time-saving and cost control/cutting measures.  These include, but not limited to, Lean Six Sigma, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Negotiation Preparation, and Strategic Analysis. 

Core Business

We address needs which truly are core to running your business.  By offering expertise in Strategy Mapping, Business Modeling, Value Chain Optimization, Strategy Review, Change Management, Facilitation and other critical activities, we enable clients to gain clearer insight into their company operations.

Increasing Revenue

We provide an array of services to increase revenue - Marketing Strategy, Branding, Product Development, Digital/Social/Web Strategy, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Sales Plan & CRM, Communications, Capacity Building, Fundraising Strategy, Board Development, and others.

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We deliver a wide range of capabilities to help both for-profit and non-profit businesses achieve greater efficiency, scale, and ultimately social impact.


We always focus on sustainability, efficiency, greater capacity, SROI & ROI, and infusing business principles into non-profit programs. 

We utilize the extensive Greenbush Network of professionals as well as internal consultants to deliver the perfect set of expertise for your specific needs. 

We offer flexible fees tailored to our client... reduced/eliminated upfront costs, performance-based fee, profit share, equity position, per project fee, or hourly fee.

Grants may be available to help fund your work.

GSP was founded on the awareness that many are underserved by traditional consulting firms and have a tremendous amount of growth potential going unrealized. We create access to experienced, forward-thinking talent who enable strategic assessment and first-class execution to meet our client’s needs.


Our engagements focus on the long-term value creation of our client’s products and/or services.  These sustainable partnerships foster relationships, initiate opportunities and drive results that are transformational for our clients and GSP.